Commissions & Consultations

  • All Saints Anglican Church - Hamilton, ON

    Planning worship space on the main floor of a new apartment building. The congregation vacated the old church which formerly stood on the site due to structural problems.

  • Auburn Bible Chapel - Peterborough, ON

    Church planning.

  • Bell's Corners United Church - Ottawa, ON

    Acoustic analysis of a difficult roof profile.

    • Bell's Corners United Church
  • Bracebridge United Church - Bracebridge, ON

    Analysis of potential for expansion.

  • Calvin College - Grand Rapids, MI

    Led summer course on Christian Art, sponsored by the Henry Luce Foundation.

  • Chateau Gardens Chapel - Hanover, ON

    Church furnishings.

  • Christ Church - Belleville, ON

    Revised liturgical arrangements to reduce the great length of the nave.

    • Christ Church - Belleville
  • Christ Church Mimico - Toronto, ON

    Assessment of potential of site for redevelopment.

  • Church of St. George the Martyr - Toronto, ON

    Mission facilities and garden. See Case Study No. 2 for more details.

    • Church of St. George the Martyr
  • Church of the Good Shepherd - Toronto, ON

    New entrance.

  • Church of the Holy Trinity - Toronto, ON

    Urban planning and stencilled ceiling. See Case Study No. 1 for more details.

    • Church of the Holy Trinity
  • Church of St. John the Evangelist - Ottawa, ON

    Re-ordering worship, improving acoustics, and creating a more welcoming presence on the street. See Case Study No. 4 for more details.

    • Church of St. John the  Evangelist
  • Church of St. Mary Magdalene - Picton, ON

    Revised liturgical planning permits a columbarium at the back of the chancel.

    • Church of St. Mary Magdalene - Columbarium
  • Church of St. Mary Magdalene - Toronto, ON

    Study of the acoustic impact of a proposed renovation.

  • Fellowship Baptist Church - Lindsay, ON

    Church planning.

  • Fellowship Towers Chapel - Toronto, ON

    A retirement complex and chapel for the Fellowship Baptist Church.

    • Fellowship Towers Chapel
  • Greenview Lodge - Toronto, ON

    A nursing home, winner of the Ontario Masons Council Award. We sculpted the sign over the door in wet clay, and had it fired by the brick manufacturer.

    • Greenview Lodge
    • Greenview Lodge
    • Greenview Lodge - Close-up of sculpted sign
  • Holy Trinity Church - Ajax, ON

    Revised church planning.

  • Innis College - University of Toronto, ON

    Proposals for renovation and a new garden – Innis Green.

    • Innis College
    • Innis Green
  • Jubilee Terrace Mosque - Toronto, ON

    Installation in a residential development.

  • Kenora Waterfront Plan - Kenora, ON

    Urban planning for a revitalised waterfront.

  • Kenwick Place - Sarnia, ON

    A mixed-use urban residential/commercial complex – first phase of the city's urban renewal program.

    • Kenwick Place
    • Kenwick Place
    • Kenwick Place Forecourt
  • King-Bay Chaplaincy - Toronto, ON

    Storefront chapel in the heart of the Toronto business district..

    • King-Bay Chaplaincy - Storefront ministry
  • Langham Cultural Centre - Kaslo, BC, ON

    Converting an old hotel to a theatre and art gallery - winner of The National Heritage Award.

  • Liturgy Canada - Toronto, ON

    Contributed papers on space and liturgy.

    • Liturgy Canada
  • Loretto College Chapel - Toronto, ON

    Revised liturgical arrangements to express community.

    • Loretto College Chapel - Existing interior
    • Loretto College Chapel - Proposal for centralised altar
  • Native Business Summit

    A convention and exhibition to support entrepreneurs from native communities.

    • Native Business Summit
    • Native Business Summit
  • New Horizons Chapel - Toronto, ON

    Analysis of potential.

  • Port Perry Anglican Church - Port Perry, ON

    Revised liturgical arrangements.

  • Richmond Hill Chinese Community Church - Richmond Hill, ON

    Development proposal for a new 1,800-seat sanctuary.

  • Royal Commission on the Toronto Waterfront - Toronto, ON

    Consultant to the Commission.

  • Sarnia Bay Marina - Sarnia, ON

    A 1920’s style marina and restaurant for the St. Clair Parkway Commission. The mural by Joyce Wieland flows through all public areas. Winner of the Premiers Award for Access.

    • Sarnia Bay Marina
    • Sarnia Bay Marina
    • Sarnia Bay Marina
    • Sarnia Bay Marina
    • Sarnia Bay Marina
    • Sarnia Bay Marina
  • St. Francis of Assisi Church - Meadowvale, ON

    Liturgical analysis.

  • St. George’s United - Toronto, ON

    Revised liturgical arrangements.

  • St. Matthias Bellwoods - Toronto, ON

    Re-ordering worship space for a sacrarium with a tabernacle and crèche, and a font functioning as a stoup.

    • St. Matthias Bellwoods
    • St. Matthias Bellwoods
  • St. Martin’s Church - Aleysha, Nigeria

    Design for church compound.

  • St. Martin’s Church - Cumbria, UK

    Lighting design.

  • St. Michael and All Angels - London, ON

    Development potential.

  • St. Monica’s Church - Toronto, ON

    New chancel for a storefront church.

  • St. John’s Church - March, Kanata

    Integrated sanctuary with central focus.

    • St. John’s Church
  • St. John’s Portsmouth Church - Kingston, ON

    New expanded sanctuary.

  • St. John’s West Toronto Church - Toronto, ON

    Revised liturgical arrangements.

  • St. Paul’s L’Amoreaux - Toronto, ON

    Liturgical arrangements.

  • St. Paul’s United - St. Catherines, ON

    Seating arrangement and access

  • St. Peter’s Church - Toronto, ON

    A new parish hall connects the church to a new seniors' residence.

    • St. Peter’s Church
    • St. Peter’s Church
    • St. Peter’s Church
  • St. Thomas’ Church - St. Catherines, ON

    Centralised plan with a custom lighting system for liturgical renewal, with a glass entrance and access ramps. Winner of a Trillium Award for landscape. See Case Study No. 3 for more details.

    • St. Thomas’ Church
  • The Colonnade - Toronto, ON

    Toronto’s first urban mixed-use complex with 200 apartments, 2 floors of office space, 20 stores, 59 boutiques and a theatre, now a listed historic building.

    • The Colonnade
    • The Colonnade
    • The Colonnade
    • The Colonnade
  • The People’s Church - Toronto, ON

    Measures to invoke the churches heritage in a 2250-seat worship space.

  • Theatrical Production

    Sets and lighting for Paul Claudel’s “Le soulier de satin” – a 5˝ hour performance with 72 separate scenes.

    • Theatrical Production
    • Theatrical Production
  • Timothy Eaton Memorial Church - Toronto, ON

    Renovations for access and improved sightlines.

  • Trinity Anglican Church - Sarnia, ON

    New expanded sanctuary.

    • Trinity Anglican Church
    • Trinity Anglican Church
  • Trinity College Chapel - Toronto, ON

    Church furnishings and renovations to choir loft.

    • Trinity College Chapel
    • Trinity College Chapel
  • Trivitt Memorial Anglican Church - Exeter, ON

    Re-ordering worship for an historic church. See Case Study No. 5 for more details.

    • Trivitt Memorial Anglican Church
  • Venetian Village - Point Edward, ON

    A recreational/residential waterfront development, winner of the Governor General’s Award.

    • Venetian Village
    • Venetian Village
    • Venetian Village
    • Venetian Village
    • Venetian Village
  • Workshop Productions Theatre - Toronto, ON

    A 280 seat theatre.

  • Wycliffe College - Toronto, ON

    Proposal for a new chapel created by building a glass roof over the existing central courtyard. The chapel would be open to the rest of the College.

    • Wycliffe College
    • Wycliffe College
    • Wycliffe College
    • Wycliffe College